Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Party pics

Here are a few pics from Scott's party the other day....

When the kids first got here they all played downstairs until Steve arrived with the pizza (about 10 minutes). Then it was pizza for lunch, then the activities began (all pictured below) and finally, some presents and the firetruck cake (shown in an earlier post). It was a fun party, and the 2 hours just flew on by!

Stick the dog on the Firetruck!

Fireman Relay... Here you see, "STOP, DROP and ROLL!!!"

After the kids did Stop, drop and roll, there was a mad dash to get into the Fireman clothes... and a race to go around the buckets at the end of the driveway.

Next we had a piƱata and all the kids got to try a few times hitting it... but it finally took them pulling on the strings at the bottom to open the trap door in it to release all the candy.


Yes, these are water balloons... what would a fireman party be without water?

The kids lining up for "Soak the Fireman" game... Steve always wanted to be a fireman, and on this day, he got to be one! The kids thanked him for it, and they all (including Steve!!) had so much fun.

These were all supposed to be outdoor games, but because of the rain they got played inside the garage. And for Soak the Fireman, the kids stood under cover inside the garage and Steve stood out in the rain... which didn't really matter because he was getting pummelled by water balloons anyway!!!

And finally it was cake time. Then the party was over and the kids all went home. Next my parents came for dinner and spent the weekend with us. What a fun-filled, wonderful weekend we had at our house!


Anonymous said...

Has Elise got to do the Stop
Drop and Roll yet...She never
got "her turn" . g

Sarah said...

No, she didn't get to do it at the party because of how the numbers for the teams worked out... but she hasn't asked about it again, so I haven't done it with her yet! Steve said we should have put that fire escape ladder out the boys' windows and done a relay with the kids going out there in a practice drill... I said, "can you imagine how much trouble we would be in?! And that would be a pretty quick way to get an actual firetruck to our house!!!!" fyi - we didn't do that!!!!

Quilt Nut said...

looks like a fabulous party

Leanne said...

That's impressive! Good job!

deWoldeDaily said...

Awesome party, Sarah! I'm sure Scott was thrilled with all the activities and the cake!
Happy Birthday Scott!!

Anonymous said...

Hey good idea Steve
You could of pulled the trampolene over under the window in case anybody fell .
Next time?????????

daisy said...

lovely pictures of the party here. the kids seem to be having so much fun and are happy about the fireman theme and most of all they are enjoying to the max.

well done!

alexa said...

That was awesome how all that "fire" stuff worked out. Did you borrow the suits too?

Sarah said...

No, the "suits" are made up of my red jacket and Steve's jacket, and both of our hiking boots, and then the firemen hats from the dollar store!

Jen said...

Sweet party Sarah!! :)
Great job on all the ideas! I'm so impressed!