Thursday, March 19, 2009

This and That...

We had a great week last week while the kids were at my parents' place. The biggest thing I accomplished was that I went through their toys and sorted, gave away, chucked (broken ones) and divided the toys to bedrooms, playrooms and even designated "no-toy" zones! On our main floor, I am trying to keep the area for books, games and puzzles. In the bedrooms there are books, Little People (all in Elise's room), some blocks, cars, and a few other toys. Then in the basement is all the other stuff, including sports equipment (which may get sent to the backyard or garage once the weather warms up).

There were so many other things on my list, but a week really is not enough time to do a whole house. I wanted to go through the kids' clothes, too, but since I had done that on a smaller scale in January, it wasn't as much of a priority as sorting toys.

Plus there were dates. We went for Fish and Chips and to a movie the first night without kids. Then we rented a couple movies on a different night. And finally, we went to another movie on the last night without kids. One of the movies we went to see was "Slumdog Millionaire." Great movie. I don't know what all it won at the Oscars, but I think it deserved everything it won.

We also developed a new love for the Chipotle Chicken wrap at McDonald's. Plus, it is Roll-up-the-rim time at Tim Horton's, so we didn't really do any "fine dining" but we did eat out a couple times. But the drive-thru type "eating out!" Pretty classy - but so very, very yummy!!

I got to spend the better part of a day shopping... alone... just me... and mainly for me, too! That was fun. But I peter out pretty fast when I'm shopping, so I am not one to go on "shopping weekends!" That doesn't really even sound fun to me. But in 4 hours alone (including travel time) I hit 6 or 7 stores and got almost everything on my list - plus a few things that weren't on there (funny how that happens, eh?!).

Anyway, here are a few pics from the weekend when we went back to collect the kids... sorry, no pics from our week... I only took card pics, and I have already posted those. Not even one pic of us, or what I accomplished!

Elise colouring... a favourite passtime!

We stopped and picked up a little Carrot Cake on our way... Scott had his birthday while he was at Grammie and Papa's place. He loves carrot cake!

My mom had her birthday, too... here she is trying on the necklace I gave her as part of her gift.

Mom and dad opening their "thank-you-for-having-the-kids" gift. Lighthouse napkins, 4 clear coffee mugs (made in USA...hard to find these days) and some Timmy's English Toffee mix. My mom has started making special coffees for my dad because he got hooked on them on their last trip to my sister's house.... the only problem is their mugs are all pretty wimpy, so I thought 4 decent sized mugs would be a good gift for them.

Scott opening his Fireman Playmobil set (got it at the House of James... just in case any locals didn't know they sell it there!!!)

We also got him a Remote Control truck. That has gotten lots of use... he's the perfect age for an R/C.

Apparently, this was Todd's favourite pose all week... curled up with Papa - 2 peas in a pod, these two!!