Friday, July 31, 2009

Retired Sets for Sale

I just went through my retired sets again, and here's what I have left... some are new to the retired collection, so take a browse through and please let me know if there is anything that interests you. Buyer can pick up from me, or pay for shipping.

Bodacious Bouquet $25

Canvas $12Paint Prints $6

Infinite Goodness $15
All Natural $12
Looks Like Spring $15
Autumn Fest $10
Merry & Bright $10
Yummy $10
Say it with Scallops $14
Big Bold Birthday $20
Botanical Blooms $10
Block Party $12
Time To Party $10
Wild About You $20
Big Blooms $25
A Little Somethin' $15
On Angel Wings (NUM) $15
Cute & Curly $12

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

From Today...

We spent most of the day inside because of the record-breaking heat. We have AC, and today we were really thankful for that! But as dinnertime approached, Steve filled the pool for the kids, and then we sat outside for dinner.

Here are some of the views from this evening...

Elise watching her brothers being crazy, as usual!

And as I was laying on the lawn, admiring the beautiful blue sky....

This view appeared....

Just a card!

Here is yet another card I made with the new In Colors and the Friends 24-7 set. I love that set!! The sentiment is from the Thoughts and Prayers stamp set.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Bag Ladies

Well, the "Ladies Who Lunch" have struck again... but this time it is as the Bag Ladies!! Tonight I went to Rhonda's mom's quilting studio for a night of sewing. I came armed with some fabric, a sewing machine and enough pins to make a wedding dress. But, the projects were simple enough that I was able to complete TWO bags. It was so much fun, and don't worry Steve - I don't plan on starting yet another full-time hobby! But it did feel good to dust off my sewing machine!!!

The brown bag is from this pattern HERE. It was super simple, and I think I will make a bunch more of those as I find fabric. I cheated a bit and used wide grosgrain ribbon for my handles, but there is a simple handle pattern, too.

The little yellow bag basically used this pattern HERE, but I kind of just used that idea, rather than actually following a pattern... I just did what Cindy told me to do on that one! I am going to give it to Elise in the morning for her to use as a little purse... I think she'll like it!

Cindy cutting (she taught me how to use a rotary cutter tonight and she was so happy that I didn't cut off my fingers!!!) And Rhonda sewing...

Deana had her sweet baby girl along (I forgot to get a picture of her...) and even with feeding, rocking, diapering, and all that, she still managed to complete her bag. I loved her fabric.

Jill sewing up a storm!

And here are all the bags that got completed (and almost completed... Rhonda's, on the left side, just needs some handles!)

Deal of the Week!

Here's the final installment of SU!'s July "Deal of the Week!" The Heart to Heart punch... only $15.99, but only until the 31st. Don't miss this great deal!

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Heart to Heart punch


Sunday, July 26, 2009

Extreme Makeover... Home Edition - (Part Two)

Here are some pics of the boys' new room... formerly my stamping room. Check out this post to see how it used to look in this room. What a switch!

We chose Old Olive and Brocade Blue (the closest samples to these in the paint store... they are called something else at Home Depot).

Behind the door is a shoe holder... this one is Todd's and he has already made it the home for stray toys and some mismatched socks!

Todd showing you Scott's bed.

Todd on his own bed! He claimed the green side of the room! These beds were their bunk beds in their last room, but they requested that they get their own beds when we moved them, so we took the bunks apart and made the bottom double bunk back into a single bed.

The "blue side of the room" is Scott's domain...

The boys were super ecstatic that they got the big walk in closet, and they have already planned out forts to build in there! Here is Scott's shoe/misc. collector... it hangs on the closet door.

Once again, there is nothing on their walls.... yet... but Steve has a vision for the the Canucks logo to be painted on there, so I will get to that as soon as I have a minute! I have to ask the boys if they would like that first. And, once again, there are some pretty cool SU! home decor options right now with extreme sports pictures. They come in navy, so that would be a perfect option for their room.

Thanks for stopping by! I'll try to get some pics posted of what we did in the basement recently, too. That will be the "part three" installment!!!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Extreme Makeover... Home Edition - (Part One)

Well, maybe we didn't makeover the whole home, but what we did, just the 2 of us, was pretty extreme... While the kids were at Grammie and Papa's last week, Steve and I switched the kids' rooms around and painted out the new rooms in fun colours, and got everything all put back together just in time for the kids to come home.

Here's Elise's new room... (formerly the Boys' bedroom)

Tinker Bell hangs from the ceiling just inside the door. This was the last gift my Morfar gave her before he died... we saw him on Christmas Day 2007, and that is the last time we saw him. He died in January 2008. This was Elise's Christmas gift from him. I remember he told my mom that maybe he should have gotten her something that was more for a baby, because she was too young for it at the time. But if he only knew that it was the inspiration for her new room... he picked the perfect gift!

I picked up this picture for a great deal a few months ago, and it has just been waiting for Elise's new room!

Grandma (Steve's mom) even got in on the theme when she got Elise these Tinker Bell pajamas for her birthday last week!

We chose Barely Banana and Certainly Celery for the walls.

These cute curtains are from Auntie Louise (my sister)... They are a perfect match for the wall colours.

The curtains will be properly mounted above the window, but for now they are just hanging on a tension rod (shower curtain rod!! That's how most of my curtains are hung!)

There is nothing on the walls yet, but I have some ideas.... Elise still loves her Little People, and she loves it that there is a bigger space to play on the floor in her new room.

Stay tuned for the boys' room makeover tomorrow!!

A Princess and her pony!

*** Before I get to the pony story, here's an addition to the camping post: 17 is a big number... especially when it is the number of mosquito bites on a little girl's face... poor kid! She hasn't even complained about them, though... what a trooper!

And now... onto the fairy tale!!!

Elise has finally warmed up to the idea of wearing her princess dress... just a few days late for her princess party, but it was still pretty cute. She really wanted to open the dress up shoes and jewelry from one of the gifts she got, and when she put it on I was then able to convince her to put on the dress. Todd jumped right in and said, "now you just need a crown and a pony!" He plopped her crown on her head and then got down on all fours to offer his services to her majesty!

Legacy of the King's Pirates

Just wanted to share with you the latest book series I have read... Legacy of the King's Pirates by M.L. Tyndall. If you like adventure, a bit of romance and a good story, check out these books! I picked them up at our local Christian Bookstore for a great deal, and flew through them over the last week and a half. And since I have been reading books on Pirates, my 5 year old son thinks I am very cool!!!