Sunday, May 30, 2010

Run For Water

What a great day! Probably not my fastest 5km, but it was still a great day. 2000 people came out to run in the Run for Water today. Last year there were only 500 runners. It has quadrupled in just one year. Amazing! There were 5km, 10km and 1/2 marathon options, we chose the 5km because it has been several years since I've run in a race like this, and this is Todd's very first race.

Todd did great today. What a trooper, and what a coach! At one point I asked him if he'd like a walking break, and he said, "No! We're going for first place... NO BREAKS!" Yikes! I kept running :) That was at about the halfway point, and I heard in the distance that the first runners were crossing the line. Sorry, Todd, your mama held you back today, but one day you'll be able to run with Jeremy and come in first place!!

Before the race...

And we're off... it really is a fun feeling to run with so many people! I wonder what it would be like to be the leader of the pack? I may never know :)

But, Jeremy knows what it's like... Here is Todd with the 5km winner, our friend Jeremy. He finished in 18 minutes, and it is the second year in a row that he came in first place!!! Way to go, Jeremy!! (Funny thing... I used to teach Jeremy when he was in grade 2 :)

We were curious about what shoe sales are like in the weeks leading up to races... there were new shoes everywhere!

There were even new shoes on our feet! These are Todd's indoor shoes, so they have to be cleaned up in the morning and returned to school, but they are also his newest shoes, so I wanted him to wear them in the race.

We're done! Scott looks a little dejected... I think he likes the idea of doing something like this, and the little medal you get when you cross the finish line. But I'm not quite sure how he would like the training for it. But, at bedtime tonight, Scott said he'd really like to do a race with me, so I told him we could start practicing for the Police Run in September. I think we'll still stick with the 5km route. That made him happy again! Elise piped in and said she'd like to do it, too... but, there is just no way I'm taking her on a race yet! I would have to piggyback her the whole way!!

So proud of my boy! He never gave up... and he still has a dream of coming in first in a race. Dream big, Todd! You can do anything you set your mind to!

I think this event was set up just great. Afterward, there were bouncy castles set up for the kids, and lots of tents with vendors giving things away... from pizza, to Starbucks, to water bottles... it was just really well planned.

Here's Scott flying through the air in the Wall-E bouncy castle.

Thanks for stopping by... anyone want to join me in my next 5K?

Thursday, May 27, 2010


There are so many gifted photographers out there, and it seems like I hear about new ones all the time. I can't spotlight them all, but, I wanted to mention this gal... Courteney Rodda is married to the new music pastor at our church and she has been a Photographer for the last 5 years. Check out her her vintage style, and her eye for design. I'm sure you'll enjoy her site!


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Long Weekend Hike

Yesterday, for Victoria Day, we met some friends and went on a family hike up the mountain above Ledgeview... not sure of the actual name of the mountain. Here are a few pics from the day! Thanks for looking :)

Almost to the top... the kids were troopers - they hiked for 2 1/2 hours and never complained!

Most of the time, Elise was trailing the other kids by quite a bit, but she never quit... and she is only 3!!! We saw lots of mountain bikers on the walk up, one guy we saw 3 times... he kept riding up the main path, then taking the trails down!

The view was spectacular!

Our family... the drop-off was a bit freaky with all the kids up there, but we just kept a good hold of them close to the edge!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Beacon Hill Petting Zoo

In the heart of Beacon Hill Park is the Children's Farm, complete with Petting Zoo. Children for decades have been going to see the multitude of baby goats. All the children in Victoria... except me! So, enough is enough - I was over in Victoria with my little girl, and I told my mom that the 3 of us were heading to the Petting Zoo!

The goats were fairly inactive because it was such a warm afternoon, but Elise had a hoot brushing them and one even climbed on my back.

Elise and Grammie

This goat was in labour, so mom wanted to stick around for a bit and see if she could be of any assistance. But the old goat was taking too long... so we left to get ice cream and see my Granny.

As we entered Beacon Hill Park, Elise saw some totem poles and said she wanted her picture by "one of those things!" I figured we might as well go for the biggest, then! On the other side of the park is this pole, carved by Mungo Martin, David Martin and Henry Hunt. It stands at 127 feet, 7 inches and is the tallest totem pole in the world. It was a little hard to get E and the top of the pole in the same picture! But I did it :)

After the park, we picked up ice cream from the Beacon Drive In and went to see Granny.

Here's 4 Generations (but this is my dad's mom, not my mom's mom... )

Elise wanted to write Great Granny a note... nobody knows what it is supposed to say!!

What a man!

Steve bought a new bike this week. He had been riding my old jalopy and it was not serving his purposes any longer. But, to his credit, he had been riding 17 kilometres almost every day on that old thing. The first time out on the new bike he shaved 20+ minutes off his route. So, the next day, he decided to go for 26 km. And that is his new route! Great job, Steve!!

Monday, May 17, 2010


Last week, Elise and I took a girls' trip over to see my mom for a few days. It was the 50th anniversary of my High School, so there were some events that we went to, as well, but we also had lots of tea parties and fun with my mom, too! My dad was away for the week (came home the night before we left so we got to say hi). Elise got treated like a little princess the whole time, and she loved it!

Here, she is having a giant bubble bath in Grammie's soaker tub. That's a lot of bubbles for a little girl :)

A New Look!

Todd's sporting a new style... It is taking me a little bit to get used to him toothless. So cute, eh?!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Ladies who dine....

Since this Ladies Who Lunch Outing was in the evening, it was not lunch at all! We met last Friday night to celebrate 2 May birthdays. My birthday was May 2nd, and Cindy's was May 3rd. So, we got together at Milestones and had 3 hours of great food and even greater laughter! These are funny girls, and I am so happy to call them my friends!

I was one spoiled girl... look at this mountain of presents!!

Cindy got spoiled too!!!

I thought the quote on the napkin summed up our evening pretty well!

l-r... Cindy, Rhonda, Me, Andrea, Jill

Here's my "Portabella Mushroom Chicken" dinner. It was delicious!

My b-day dessert... (which I shared :)

Cindy and her dessert... it was awesome that there were 2 desserts at the table because 2 goes further between 5 people!

Sign of the age we live in... (well, I guess I'm a bit behind!!) At one point they all pulled out their cell phones and made sure everyone's contact info was up to date.

Baby Boy Card

It is "National Scrapbooking Month" and I love how it has been expanded from just "National Scrapbooking DAY," to a full MONTH!!! That's kind of how I like to celebrate my birthday... for a whole month!

A couple weeks ago, Elise and I went to a baby shower for a new little boy in the family... Steve's 1st cousin, twice removed! But I quickly learned, after marrying Steve, that everyone is a cousin. And if you are a cousin that is in a different age bracket, you might be a "cousin-aunt" or a "cousin-uncle!" So, when this family says cousin... it could mean anything! But this new baby is a first cousin, twice removed, because it is the grandson of Steve's first cousin. He is my children's second cousin, once removed. And Steve's mom just became a great-great-aunt! Oy!

Here is the card I made for Baby Spencer. Elise was thrilled to be invited to this party!

And since I'm talking about E, I also wanted to share this little picture that she drew the other day. I think it's a self-portrait!

Thursday, May 06, 2010

I am so blessed!

Last weekend was my birthday... so I'm 25 now. Haha!! Just kidding. But I feel every bit as good as I did when I was 25, so that's worth something.

Here's a photo I took of my family on my birthday. I set up the camera on a timer and then jumped into the shot.

Us being silly... (maybe you could see that for yourself :)

On Friday night, Steve and I went out to the Keg for dinner, then to Songs Strings and Steps... a wonderful concert put on by local talent. My ticket was a gift from Steve's parents. (thank you!!)

At the Keg... their famous b-day dessert! Yummmmmm!!!!! Yes, I shared it with Steve!

And, here's a shot of me... just cause it's my birthday. And since I am the one that usually takes the pictures, there are less of me to post on here. I know this is a little conceited, but it IS my birthday shot, so I'm going to force you to see another picture of me :)

On Saturday, we had a little burst of sunshine, so we packed the kids up to take them to a school yard close by. Steve and I played some basketball while the kids played on the playground.

Yes, this was my basket... one of many :)

On Sunday we went to Boston Pizza with friends for lunch. Then we picked up a DQ ice cream cake... double YUMMM!!!! Steve and the kids gave me a gift certificate to European Day Spa, so I will be booking an appointment for a massage in the near future!

And then, my birthday just kept on going because when Alexa came to my Open House on Tuesday night, she brought me a card and these beautiful roses. Thanks so much!!

Another year older, another year wiser (hmm... debatable!) and another year feeling so very blessed!