Monday, May 17, 2010


Last week, Elise and I took a girls' trip over to see my mom for a few days. It was the 50th anniversary of my High School, so there were some events that we went to, as well, but we also had lots of tea parties and fun with my mom, too! My dad was away for the week (came home the night before we left so we got to say hi). Elise got treated like a little princess the whole time, and she loved it!

Here, she is having a giant bubble bath in Grammie's soaker tub. That's a lot of bubbles for a little girl :)


Andrea Hildebrandt said...

haha looks like fun!

Katie and Scott said...

She could do laps in that tub!! Looks like she enjoyed every moment of her princess time!

Louise said...

that's quite the bath!