Thursday, May 20, 2010

What a man!

Steve bought a new bike this week. He had been riding my old jalopy and it was not serving his purposes any longer. But, to his credit, he had been riding 17 kilometres almost every day on that old thing. The first time out on the new bike he shaved 20+ minutes off his route. So, the next day, he decided to go for 26 km. And that is his new route! Great job, Steve!!


Katie and Scott said...

Wow - 20 minutes off a time is excellent! What kinda bike did he forget we're bike crazy!

It looks like a Specialized Crosstrail - if we had to guess.

Very cool - enjoy the trails!!

Sarah said...

You guys are good! I just asked Steve what kind of bike it is, and you are exactly right! A Specialized Crosstrail with an XL frame.

Katie and Scott said...

Told you we were bike crazy : )

That's a great bike - tell Steve to blog more about his bike adventures on his site ; )