Thursday, May 06, 2010

I am so blessed!

Last weekend was my birthday... so I'm 25 now. Haha!! Just kidding. But I feel every bit as good as I did when I was 25, so that's worth something.

Here's a photo I took of my family on my birthday. I set up the camera on a timer and then jumped into the shot.

Us being silly... (maybe you could see that for yourself :)

On Friday night, Steve and I went out to the Keg for dinner, then to Songs Strings and Steps... a wonderful concert put on by local talent. My ticket was a gift from Steve's parents. (thank you!!)

At the Keg... their famous b-day dessert! Yummmmmm!!!!! Yes, I shared it with Steve!

And, here's a shot of me... just cause it's my birthday. And since I am the one that usually takes the pictures, there are less of me to post on here. I know this is a little conceited, but it IS my birthday shot, so I'm going to force you to see another picture of me :)

On Saturday, we had a little burst of sunshine, so we packed the kids up to take them to a school yard close by. Steve and I played some basketball while the kids played on the playground.

Yes, this was my basket... one of many :)

On Sunday we went to Boston Pizza with friends for lunch. Then we picked up a DQ ice cream cake... double YUMMM!!!! Steve and the kids gave me a gift certificate to European Day Spa, so I will be booking an appointment for a massage in the near future!

And then, my birthday just kept on going because when Alexa came to my Open House on Tuesday night, she brought me a card and these beautiful roses. Thanks so much!!

Another year older, another year wiser (hmm... debatable!) and another year feeling so very blessed!


Andrea Hildebrandt said...

Sarah..when i look at your pictures I see a truly happy and content woman! there is no gift greater than this for ones birthday! Looking forward to celebrating with you:)

Katie and Scott said...

Sounds like an amazing b-day weekend! The family photos are excellent - love the crazy one!