Monday, May 10, 2010

Baby Boy Card

It is "National Scrapbooking Month" and I love how it has been expanded from just "National Scrapbooking DAY," to a full MONTH!!! That's kind of how I like to celebrate my birthday... for a whole month!

A couple weeks ago, Elise and I went to a baby shower for a new little boy in the family... Steve's 1st cousin, twice removed! But I quickly learned, after marrying Steve, that everyone is a cousin. And if you are a cousin that is in a different age bracket, you might be a "cousin-aunt" or a "cousin-uncle!" So, when this family says cousin... it could mean anything! But this new baby is a first cousin, twice removed, because it is the grandson of Steve's first cousin. He is my children's second cousin, once removed. And Steve's mom just became a great-great-aunt! Oy!

Here is the card I made for Baby Spencer. Elise was thrilled to be invited to this party!

And since I'm talking about E, I also wanted to share this little picture that she drew the other day. I think it's a self-portrait!


deWoldeDaily said...

Great drawing Elise! You are going to be an artist just like your mommy!!

Anonymous said...

great picture.g