Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year!!!

Here's a thought...
"Dreams come a SIZE TOO BIG so we can grow into them."

I'm in a Sell-A-Bration card swap and that's the saying on the card I've made for the swap. The set is called Happy Harmony and it's one of the Sell-A-Bration sets you can earn free in January and February. I used my watercolour wonder crayons, Expressive Flexible Phrases and French Script... As well as magic mesh, faux stitching, and heat embossing.

Dream BIG in 2007! Have a safe, fun and Happy New Year's!!!

Friday, December 29, 2006

FROESE frame

Just wanted to share the name frame I made for my inlaws. I used Enchante paper from the Winter mini catalogue. The letters are clear embossed on brown patterned paper, then cut out. In the hodgepodge frame it says "Est. June 9, 1967" because that is their wedding date. These colours will go nicely in their house.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

found Found FOUND!!!!!

I was just about to place an order with SU! and I wanted to see which Craft ink pad I needed to buy for an upcoming project. As I was looking through my box of Craft inks, I FOUND my lost C-D stamp - it was in the bottom of the box.... oh, I know that there are some stampers out there rejoicing with me. Not fun to lose letters from an alphabet set.

Here's a pic to prove that they are really home... back in the box, only to be brought out when the kiddies are not around! I seriously cleaned the entire playroom last night looking for the stamp. It is the same size as some of my boys' toy blocks, and so the temptation to build something with it could have been there... but now I have to appologize to my little guys, because they didn't take it at all. I just, plain and simple, lost it.

Scenes of Christmas

Here are some pics of our Christmas... some of these are from our own Christmas at home, and others are from the night at Grandma and Grandpa's. The kids got spoiled, and they got some really fun gifts. Scott's highlight was his train and his watch, and Todd loved his playtent and tunnels for the basement, and has been building tunnels for his cars with lego he got as well.

You can see Steve building my b-ball hoop as well - what a guy! I'm so glad it came with assembly, otherwise it would still be in the box!!

Now the countdown to New Year's begins. What is everyone doing? Are you planning to have a quiet New Year's with your family, or is it a time to get a sitter and go out? Whatever you do, have a great time and all the best in 2007!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Merry Christmas!!!

Christmas has come at last. I am so excited. I don't think I will get much posting done in the next few days... first it's Christmas Eve - church in the morning - the kids have their Christmas program, then we have a few last things to wrap while the kiddies nap (and maybe I'll have a nap too!!) then it's the Christmas Eve service at the church, and I'm singing, then when we get home we are having our Christmas with the kids. Then Monday is Christmas Day (can you believe that Christmas Day is only 25 hours and 15 minutes away!!!? I can't WAIT!). On Christmas Day we're getting together with Steve's family, so that will be a busy day as well.

I wanted to share with you these pictures of Christmas lights taken in Abbotsford. Every year we love to drive around looking at lights, and this block in East Abbotsford is always the best one... they out-do themselves every year! Enjoy.

Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas with friends and family and blessings for a safe, happy and healthy new year! God bless!


Goodbye C-D stamp :(

I have been cleaning and tidying my stamping room for the last hour or so and I have discovered my first stamp set tragedy..... My C-D stamp is missing from my Headline Alphabet. This is so sad. I can't spell Christmas, I can't spell CanDy Cane, or Decorations. How sad. I am really hoping that one of my kids took it without me knowing, and it will turn up in the block box. But I have to be prepared that it may have fallen off the table into my garbage and the can got emptied before I noticed it was missing. It's a double mounted alphabet set, so I lose 2 letters with one block.


Our FIFTH Anniversary!!

Happy Anniversary Steve!

We had such a great time up at Grouse Mountain last night for our fifth anniversary. Here are a few pics of our evening... the kids all stayed with Grandma and Grandpa, and we got the evening to ourselves.
- a sleigh ride - walk through the snow - dinner at Altitudes Restaurant - up and down on the Gondola - Timmy's on the way (English Toffee for me, coffee for Steve!) - 2 shows at the "Theatre in the Sky" - and another hot drink to take on our walk down the ski run (hot cocoa for Steve, and a Gingerbread steamed milk for me!) - a very fun night

Steve gave me 2 dozen red roses and tickets to see Randy Travis in March. I made him a little scrapbook of our last 5 years and gave him a large assortment of hot sauces. I think I got a better deal!!

Enjoy the pics, and if you haven't been up to Grouse Mt. (even if you don't ski... I have never been skiing) it is worth the trip!


Monday, December 18, 2006

Take a Walk Through Bethlehem

One of my favourite Christmas albums is Trisha Yearwood "The Sweetest Gift." She has a song on that CD called Take a Walk Through Bethlehem and I think it captures the true feelings of Christmas. Even though we have created so much hussle and bussle in our lives - especially at Christmas, we still long for the peace that comes only in realizing that Jesus is and was and always will be the only true meaning of Christmas. "Every heart longs for more than tinsel, something more than just a holiday."

Take a walk through Bethlehem
Come and kneel before the lamb
Good news for every man
Walk through Bethlehem

I hope you are getting into the Christmas spirit. Not the one that tells you that you have to have a gift for everyone you know, but the one that lets you see Christmas for its wonder and peace.

Christmas is my absolute favourite time of year! Merry Christmas!

Album give away

I was just doing my "blog rounds" and see that Cindy is giving away a scrapbook album on her blog. Just click on "Cindy's blog" in my list of blogs to the right, and you can enter to win this album!! Hope you win!!!


For Christmas I gave my parents a decorated Bitty Board book from Stampin' Up! full of pics of our kids, etc, from this past year. I also gave them this name frame. I love the way this turned out and so now I want to make one for my house too! I got the frame from Walmart for $5, and I used the SU! "At Home" scrappin' kit as well as the "Headline Alphabet" to make this project.

First Christmas dinner

We were in Victoria this past weekend and had a great time with my parents and my brother. We had our first Christmas get together, complete with turkey dinner! My mom even cooked it on the woodstove because their power was out! This is Elise's first Christmas!

Todd was pretty excited about the candy canes, and the boys loved their "Mighty Machines" from Grammie and Papa.

Of course, Elise looked cute too, as the new mama of this baby doll. She will have lots of fun playing with this, I'm sure. This doll scared the wits out of me today as I unpacked it... it talks. It laughs and it says, "I love you." Cute, but not when you're not expecting it!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

While you were sleeping....

Ever think that your kids are sleeping only to find out that they're NOT?! Well, Scotty pulled this decorating feat during one of his recent naptimes. It's very creative, I think! He called it his Christmas tree, and the hanger hanging down is the light switch. Smart guy!

I could hear him humming softly to himself, and just thought he was settling in for a good little nap while driving cars on his bed. Then when I went to check on him, he very proudly presented me with this scene! What a guy! So like any good mommy, I said, "Scott, don't move..." and I ran to get my camera and got him to pose next to his masterpiece!

Red Robin... something for everyone!

We went out for a fun dinner at Red Robin on Saturday night. It really is the kids' favourite place to go. The train and colouring books entertain them until the food arrives. Then there's the Mile High Mud Pie for dessert... the 4 of us shared it (Elise missed out on this one - she was too busy enjoying her bottle!)... here is the evidence of a dish well loved.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Colouring Contest!

This morning we had a colouring fest in our house. All 3 of my boys got involved. There were tears when someone coloured on another's page, (especially Steve!) cheers when the artwork was finished and pride to share each masterpiece. Take a look and feel free to vote on your fave! Special thanks to the official Disney Cars movie website for these free downloads of colouring pages. We spent at least an hour on that site alone, playing games and watching previews... the boys (little boys) don't know it, but we got the CARS on DVD for them for Christmas! They are going to squeal!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Ah-1, 2, Ah 1-2-3-4!!!

Here's a little song from Scott and Todd. They were so fun to watch on their harmonicas the other day! Just had to share... Enjoy!

edit... can't seem to get the video to work, so the pic is all you get for now.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Snow Pics!

I just wanted to share some pics of the boys in the snow... they loved it. Scott can handle it for at least twice as long as Todd. These pictures are from 2 different days. In the pics by the front steps, Scotty is in the yellow jacket, and in the pics where they are on the big pile of snow, Todd is wearing the yellow jacket! Ya, they wear the same clothes!! Just makes it easier... Once in awhile I have to roll Todd's pants up because he is actually wearing Scott's pants... And sometimes I have to send Scott to find some longer pants because he's wearing floods. But mostly their clothes are interchangeable! Just like twins... only not quite :) For those that don't know, my boys are 11 1/2 months apart! If they had been in the same calendar year they would be Irish Twins!

Stay warm!