Thursday, October 28, 2010

Easy Bag

Here's one more bag to share from last weekend... it is just basically squares sewn together with handles. Elise picked the fabric for her piano bag, so that's what this one is for. This is the easiest bag ever. To stiffen it up, I added flannel between the layers. I am thinking of sewing up a few of these (maybe a touch bigger) to have as reusable shopping bags. We are pretty good at recycling, but every time we go shopping, I get a pang of guilt for all the plastic bags we use. We have a few reusable bags, but not nearly enough for a big shop!

The inside. The bag is reversible, but Elise said she liked the all-blue side best.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Squash Soup

I don't often share recipes on here... it's not really my thing, and there are so many awesome cooking blogs out there, you hardly need me to add my 2 cents on food! If anything, my husband should have a food blog, not me!

But, after getting some squash from my parents' garden this Fall, I thought I would make some soup. I had some in a restaurant awhile ago, and it was so good. So, I Googled "Butternut Squash Soup." I am not sure what kind of squash this was, but I figured it would do even if it wasn't an official Butternut!!

I'll put the link to the recipe I used below. I changed a few things... I used Onion soup mix instead of the chicken stock, and I used green onions instead of a regular onion. I also added some corn. Other than that, I think it was pretty much the same. I could have used a bunch more baby carrots, but I only had a few, that's why my picture isn't quite as lusciously orange as the one on the link. Before I put the squash cubes in the pot, I cut it in half, took out the seeds, then put the halves in a big bowl with a cup of water and microwaved it for 9 minutes. This softened it up really well, and then I was able to peel it with no trouble at all. Steve and Elise loved it... the boys endured it, but I think it was more the thought of squash soup that did them in, rather than the taste!


Phoebe Bag

I am so excited... I made a "Phoebe Bag by Rebeka Lambert" and it turned out GREAT!!!

The directions are wonderful, and they are free! I bought this fabric to use on a different bag pattern, but when I saw this bag, I liked it a lot better than my original choice. The only thing I would change is the kind of clasp I used. I sewed in a magnet in the front of the bag and the flap, but it isn't strong enough, so to reinforce this, I will probably add a small snap on that flap, too.

I love it when a plan comes together! I sewed this whole bag with invisible thread, and while it is a pain to fill a bobbin with this thread, I sure love how it covers your sewing sins - especially on the top stitching portion.

LOVING this bag... I think I will now make one in every colour :)

Are you part of the "Bag Ladies Strike Again" facebook group? If not... why not?!!! There are tons of free online links to patterns in the Discussion pages, and the collaborative talent on the site is astounding. Join today and be inspired to sew something, or share photos of some of your recent projects! There are over 40 sewers that have already joined the group, and the discussions are not just about bags, but any kind of sewing project you can imagine!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Rag Quilt Purse

A couple months ago, I started this Rag Quilt Purse. When I started it, I didn't own the Scallop Square Clear Bigz die from Stampin' Up!, so I just cut my squares 4 inches big.

The next one I make will be done with the Bigz die, for sure! At the bottom of this post, I will include a couple links on how to make this purse.

Rag Quilt Purse Tutorial
Part One
Part One add on
Part Two

And here is a video that you might like that showcases a whole bunch of beautiful rag quilt purses. I am going to make a bigger one next time.
Lots of rag quilt bags!!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Caramel Apples

My boys are part of a Pioneer Club in town. Later this month there will be a Fall Funfair, and I was asked to bring some caramel apples. So.... since I've never made caramel apples, I quickly checked out the process on YouTube and realized it is a piece of cake!

As a family, we decided that we needed a practice run. After all that.... I find out that we will be using a different kind of caramel, so you just drape a big sheet of caramel over the apples and melt it on there. Oh well, this old-fashioned process was a pretty fun family activity, and may just have me hooked on caramel apples for the season!!!

Do you make caramel apples? What is your favourite kind of apple to use? The Granny Smith in this picture is Steve's. The rest of these are Gala apples that I picked up at the Apple barn last week :)

We melted the caramel in the microwave... next time I would do it over the stove. The first couple apples covered fine, but then the caramel cooled really quickly.

After they were set a bit the first night, we cut into them like we saw the guy on the Home Shopping network do! Everyone got one taste, and the rest of the apple had to wait until morning.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Apple Barn

Last week, I got to accompany Todd's class on their field trip to the Apple Barn. It was a great afternoon of tasting apples and apple cider, tractor riding, pumpkin choosing, listening, playing and learning. The kids had a great time, and I am so glad I went along.

Tractor ride out to the pumpkin patch... the kids were allowed to choose one pumpkin each, but the rule was they had to be able to carry it themselves :)

Loved all the different colours and textures...

The apple sorter from the '50s... still works great!

Todd and his buddy heading out to get their pumpkins... can't you just hear them sayin, "You been farmin' long?!"

Monday, October 18, 2010


Click on the link to see a few pictures of my babies... these were taken in August for the "Imagine Kids" photo book being created by Revival Arts Studios.

My Kids' Photos.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Science World

Do you ever start something, think you finished it, and then come back later (and in this case... days later!) only to find out you didn't even come close to finishing it? Well, I was SURE I finished this post.... nope! I just found it in drafts. Oops!

So.... our trip to Science World.

The kids had fun, but it is a bit of a schmoz at SW right now because they are doing major renovations, and a lot of the space that had exhibits is blocked off. But we were there on a great deal of a Family pass, so I wasn't going to complain!

And.... for what we saw, we enjoyed. Here are a few pics to highlight our day.... The live shows were excellent - we caught the last three of them.

Todd volunteered during the Electricity show. He held a light bulb as it lit up.

So, then Elise volunteered. She didn't know it, but she had volunteered to be the grounding rod for a big static electric shock!

Then, later in the day... Todd volunteered again. This time during the "Science Surprises" show.

So... Elise volunteered again, too. (you saw that coming, right?!!!) She got to sling-shot a chicken to the 2nd floor, and this pretty much made her year!

Todd loved this oversized piece of "plastic cheese."

Scott found a frog statue to pose on...

Outside (I think this area is called False Creek, but I am not for sure on that) there was a playground that the kids got their sillies out on before our ride back home.

Then there was some more posing and photos... It was a great Family Fun Day.

Just like the sign...

My Gems.