Thursday, June 30, 2011

New Camera

I got a new camera! I am having fun experimenting with different settings, but it's a different kind than my last camera, so there are new functions, etc, and I will have to spend more time reading the manual before my photos are awesome. Another thing that is different is the way the photos are organized. Not a bad system, but very different than my Canon.

My new baby is a Fujifilm. 10X zoom, 12mp. And... it's red! (That was just an added bonus). We bought it from London Drugs, and there were 2 strong reasons that we went for this make and model. First, because of its great history in the camera film industry, Fujifilm brand pays special attention to the colour of images. I know colours can be changed, edited and tweaked in photo editing software programs, but why not just get a camera that shows the right colours from the beginning?! Secondly, there is a 2 year warranty. Since we needed our warranty on my Canon about 6 months in, I figure that a 2 year warranty is a pretty great thing.

Why did I get a new camera?

- My Canon is almost 5 years old, and while it still takes fine pictures, I am finding that it is just eating through batteries, and they need to be changed at an alarming rate.
- My Canon is a 6mp, 4X zoom, and I would love to have the option to take macro pictures.

Why didn't I go for an SLR?

I love having my camera close by in my purse. I use my camera for my watch and as a notebook (when I see something that I want to remember, I take a picture of it, rather than writing it down. I even do this sometimes with voice clips in the video setting)

Another reason I went for small is: I don't have any desire to be a professional photographer. I have relatives that are professionals, as well as several friends that are semi-pro, and amateur photogs. If I need professional portraits, then I can call on them! I appreciate the work they do, and I am not sure that I am cut out for it, even though I love taking pictures. I take a lot of photos, but they are for fun and personal use. I would also be overwhelmed with how much organization it would take to keep everyone's photos in order and edited and delivered by a deadline.

So... kudos to the pros! I admire your skills!
If you would ever like a reference to a photographer, I would be happy to give you one! We've had photos done by a few different people, in a variety of price ranges and styles, and depending on what you are looking for in your pictures, I guarantee that there is someone out there that can help you out!! Let me know :)

But, back to my camera. Here are a few pictures of it. (I took these with the Canon :)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Almost Done

The school year is quickly coming to a close, and the last couple weeks have been a blur of activity. I was up late last night finishing a sewing project for one of Todd's teachers (I'll post another day) and I delivered the gift this morning.

One week ago, there was a special field trip for the grade 1s... they only had to go out to the field and parking lot. A mobile petting zoo came to visit, and the kids got to pet bunnies and ducklings, as well as some other animals. Here's Todd with a turkey, which was just on show!!

All the kids in grade one (60 in all) got to have a pony ride, as well. The farm ladies brought both a pony and a small horse. Todd got to ride the horse and was pleased as punch! I got some good shots of the day, and am looking forward to scrapbooking these pictures!

Tomorrow is the last school day, and I will be playing the piano at the closing assembly. The it's on to summer fun! I just hope the sun will show up soon. Today we've had about 2 minutes of sun, and then a bunch of wind and rain. Oh well, I bet it makes it easier for the kids to pay attention during the last week of school if the weather is not perfect!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Bow Bag

While my family was out watching the game tonight, I sat at my sewing machine and finished this bag. I was also watching The Secret Garden, but every 10 minutes, or so, I would run to my computer to check the score. I quickly realized that it is a blessing that Vancouver will have the home ice advantage for game 7.

** Note: if you are in my stampers club, the piano recital that I changed our club night for was moved to tomorrow. Since this only just happened because of the need for game 6, (the teacher figured the turn-out would be low when the Stanley Cup was on the line!) I didn't want to reschedule our club, yet again, to bring it back to the original night. Plus, I was pretty sure that there were at least 2 or 3 of you that would want to be watching the game :) So, we'll meet on the 20th as planned. Thanks for being so flexible! See you next week.

The bag will be a gift for one of my son's grade one teachers. I have to make one more because he has 2 teachers. Not sure if I will do it exactly the same, but I gotta say, I'm pretty proud of how this turned out. There wasn't a pattern, and everything was just eyeballed. I cut straight, of course, because I have a rotary cutter, but the size was by eye. Then, I measured it after it was sewn together so I could make the lining the right size. This bow reminds me of ones my sister and I used to make when we were young. Then we'd put them on hair elastics and wear them in our ponytails. I guess what goes around comes around because they're back in style. And super-duper easy to make, so that was bonus! The bag measures 12.5" X 15", so it's only good for carrying around smallish things, but I figure the teachers could take marking home in them, or bring their lunch to school in these. I'm sure they will find a use for them!

Well... that was awkward!

But, we've still got game 7...

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

More Birdie Blocks

I am behind on my Block of the Month project, but I did recently finish up my April block. The patterns are here, at Little Miss Shabby, and it has been a really fun project to do.

I like the pattern for April, and thought I would keep the eggs on the trees subtle by embroidering them in white, but it ended up being a harsh contrast between that and the dark green. Oh well, I am not doing it over! It is done!

And the four blocks I've completed... I still think the first block I did, with the snowman, is my favourite. I still need to decide on what colour to put as the 2" border around each of the blocks. I think that needs to be a lighter shade. Maybe something along the lines of the beige in there? But I'm still a few months away from that! I am pretty sure that I will back it with denim.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

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