Wednesday, June 08, 2011

More Birdie Blocks

I am behind on my Block of the Month project, but I did recently finish up my April block. The patterns are here, at Little Miss Shabby, and it has been a really fun project to do.

I like the pattern for April, and thought I would keep the eggs on the trees subtle by embroidering them in white, but it ended up being a harsh contrast between that and the dark green. Oh well, I am not doing it over! It is done!

And the four blocks I've completed... I still think the first block I did, with the snowman, is my favourite. I still need to decide on what colour to put as the 2" border around each of the blocks. I think that needs to be a lighter shade. Maybe something along the lines of the beige in there? But I'm still a few months away from that! I am pretty sure that I will back it with denim.


Rhonda said...

looking good Sarah. I still love January's block the most as well, the tree from April is another favorite. I would sash it with a lighter color between the blocks.

Kimberly said...

Feels good to get 'er done doesn't it? Your block look great... I love how all the quilts will look the same but different!