Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Almost Done

The school year is quickly coming to a close, and the last couple weeks have been a blur of activity. I was up late last night finishing a sewing project for one of Todd's teachers (I'll post another day) and I delivered the gift this morning.

One week ago, there was a special field trip for the grade 1s... they only had to go out to the field and parking lot. A mobile petting zoo came to visit, and the kids got to pet bunnies and ducklings, as well as some other animals. Here's Todd with a turkey, which was just on show!!

All the kids in grade one (60 in all) got to have a pony ride, as well. The farm ladies brought both a pony and a small horse. Todd got to ride the horse and was pleased as punch! I got some good shots of the day, and am looking forward to scrapbooking these pictures!

Tomorrow is the last school day, and I will be playing the piano at the closing assembly. The it's on to summer fun! I just hope the sun will show up soon. Today we've had about 2 minutes of sun, and then a bunch of wind and rain. Oh well, I bet it makes it easier for the kids to pay attention during the last week of school if the weather is not perfect!

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