Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Science World

Do you ever start something, think you finished it, and then come back later (and in this case... days later!) only to find out you didn't even come close to finishing it? Well, I was SURE I finished this post.... nope! I just found it in drafts. Oops!

So.... our trip to Science World.

The kids had fun, but it is a bit of a schmoz at SW right now because they are doing major renovations, and a lot of the space that had exhibits is blocked off. But we were there on a great deal of a Family pass, so I wasn't going to complain!

And.... for what we saw, we enjoyed. Here are a few pics to highlight our day.... The live shows were excellent - we caught the last three of them.

Todd volunteered during the Electricity show. He held a light bulb as it lit up.

So, then Elise volunteered. She didn't know it, but she had volunteered to be the grounding rod for a big static electric shock!

Then, later in the day... Todd volunteered again. This time during the "Science Surprises" show.

So... Elise volunteered again, too. (you saw that coming, right?!!!) She got to sling-shot a chicken to the 2nd floor, and this pretty much made her year!

Todd loved this oversized piece of "plastic cheese."

Scott found a frog statue to pose on...

Outside (I think this area is called False Creek, but I am not for sure on that) there was a playground that the kids got their sillies out on before our ride back home.

Then there was some more posing and photos... It was a great Family Fun Day.

Just like the sign...

My Gems.

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