Monday, May 10, 2010

Ladies who dine....

Since this Ladies Who Lunch Outing was in the evening, it was not lunch at all! We met last Friday night to celebrate 2 May birthdays. My birthday was May 2nd, and Cindy's was May 3rd. So, we got together at Milestones and had 3 hours of great food and even greater laughter! These are funny girls, and I am so happy to call them my friends!

I was one spoiled girl... look at this mountain of presents!!

Cindy got spoiled too!!!

I thought the quote on the napkin summed up our evening pretty well!

l-r... Cindy, Rhonda, Me, Andrea, Jill

Here's my "Portabella Mushroom Chicken" dinner. It was delicious!

My b-day dessert... (which I shared :)

Cindy and her dessert... it was awesome that there were 2 desserts at the table because 2 goes further between 5 people!

Sign of the age we live in... (well, I guess I'm a bit behind!!) At one point they all pulled out their cell phones and made sure everyone's contact info was up to date.

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Andrea Hildebrandt said...

it truly a fun and fabulous evening...oh, and did I forget to thank you for that incredibly close up picture of me you've posted....insert sarcasm here:) Happy Birthday Sarah and Cindy!