Thursday, May 20, 2010

Beacon Hill Petting Zoo

In the heart of Beacon Hill Park is the Children's Farm, complete with Petting Zoo. Children for decades have been going to see the multitude of baby goats. All the children in Victoria... except me! So, enough is enough - I was over in Victoria with my little girl, and I told my mom that the 3 of us were heading to the Petting Zoo!

The goats were fairly inactive because it was such a warm afternoon, but Elise had a hoot brushing them and one even climbed on my back.

Elise and Grammie

This goat was in labour, so mom wanted to stick around for a bit and see if she could be of any assistance. But the old goat was taking too long... so we left to get ice cream and see my Granny.

As we entered Beacon Hill Park, Elise saw some totem poles and said she wanted her picture by "one of those things!" I figured we might as well go for the biggest, then! On the other side of the park is this pole, carved by Mungo Martin, David Martin and Henry Hunt. It stands at 127 feet, 7 inches and is the tallest totem pole in the world. It was a little hard to get E and the top of the pole in the same picture! But I did it :)

After the park, we picked up ice cream from the Beacon Drive In and went to see Granny.

Here's 4 Generations (but this is my dad's mom, not my mom's mom... )

Elise wanted to write Great Granny a note... nobody knows what it is supposed to say!!


Quilt Nut said...

never been there either lol. love the sepia picture of Elise at the fence; beautiful! and the note is so sweet

Louise said...

I beat you there on several occasions - my boys have been twice and we get to the island on a 1-20 ratio compared to you! S&T will be ripped off! I think I took Erin and Laura there years ago too (cousins)
Granny looks happy :)