Friday, July 03, 2009

Drum Roll Please......

The long awaited stamp room pictures... the room has been moved for a couple weeks now, but has always been in various stages of disarray. But, with last night's Open House, I had HUGE incentive to tidy it up, and I quickly snapped some pics.

My desk area... one of the best parts of this whole move is that I now get a computer in my stamping room, and I LOVE it. To have a computer handy to quickly reference ideas, or to browse blogs and then quickly try a project... or when I'm scrapbooking, I can quickly print off the journaling for a certain page. Love it!

Beside my desk, Steve put up shelves for my magazines and my ribbon. The "extra" embellishment holders will eventually get hung on the wall. I thought of just getting an extra table stamp and store holder, but table space is precious, and I already have 2 sitting on my table.

On the table - 2 embellishment holder caddies. And on a shelving unit beside the table are my 2 colour caddies for my ink pads.

Above my stamping table, on the wall, I hung this poster that I made in University art... It's my favourite thing that I made in that art class, and I had room to display it here, so why not, right?

Under the ribbon shelves are all my 8 1/2 X 11 paper... a folder for each colour. And underneath are two small sets of drawers. The one on the left holds scrap paper, and the one on the right holds envelopes in all different sizes.

I ran out of room to store all my ribbon, so some is just tucked in beside, but that will get used up and more room will be created!!!

Under the table the storage just continues! Less used items (like my glue guns) are stored in these little boxes on the shelves against the wall... only access is from under the table, so I have to think carefully about what I am wiling to put under there. Dry embossing is under there, too. I use it, but not often enough for it to be out in the precious "in reach" areas!

Then 2 smaller storage towers, on wheels, slide perfectly under my table. Things like last year's In Color items, and extra clear stamp cases, as well as seasonal things, are stored in these...

Then on a little box is all my heat embossing stuff, and in the underneath part are some Idea Books (I have a bunch of these little boxes... my dad made really sturdy moving boxes years and years ago for one of our family's moves, and I snagged a bunch when I moved out because they make perfect shelves and can be configured in different ways! Thanks Dad!!)

Beside my desk on the wall are 2 "shoe holders" converted into my chipboard organizers. I found that I wasn't using my chipboard at all, even thought it is a super-easy embellishment to use. So, get it out in the open, and I am using it way more!

Years ago, my dad made bedroom furniture for my mom and dad, and when they were done with it, they asked if I wanted it before they took it to the dump... um, YES!! Look at all that storage. I'll give you a little peek inside as well.... You'll also notice 3 more of the "moving boxes" stacked on top of each other to make another bookshelf that is the perfect size to hide behind the door... On top of those sits my hardly-used sewing machine, and above that is a beautiful painting my mom did when she was in Grade 12 art. On the wall are my SU! certificate and my BEd Diploma...

In the drawers of these Iris carts (stacked 2 units high. I just took off the wheels to create more stability... so far it's working!) are many different things. But each drawer has a label if it is not immediately obvious what is inside. You can see VHS tapes... my TV hasn't been moved down yet, but will eventually go on top of one of the pink towers. Then there's a drawer for baggies, and cleaners, and cutters, and.... you name it!

Here's my wheel drawer. Inside the drawer fits the SU! wheel storage containers, so they are quite easy to see. The ones at the front of the drawer are either ones I am still wanting to use before restoring them, or else ones that don't fit in my containers... some of the wheels are retired, and I haven't sorted through the old ones to make room for the new quite yet!

Up top in one of the pink towers, is all my 12X12 paper storage. I use the SU! paper holders for 12X12, but don't usually bother with the dividers. I have added little labels to say SU, non-SU, retired SU, kits, etc... works pretty well.

In 4 drawers I have stamp sets... 2 drawers hold regular sets, one has alphabets and background sets, and one has retired sets that I want to keep. I try to keep my "retired-sets-I-want-to-keep" collection down to just on drawer because, really, how many retired sets do I need?

These little storage units are my most recent purchase... you might remember awhile ago I talked about Stacy Julian and her photo sorting system. Well, I haven't gotten very far in organizing my photos into these drawers, but that is the plan!!! They sit nicely on top of my desk unit.

And, finally, above my door there are some wall patches that need to be painted. The only dilemma is that the builder didn't leave us this particular colour of paint in the cans he left here.... so, until I get creative and do a colour match, I figured that filling a string full of cards to display, right over these spots, would work for me! So, I just have to get a few more cards up there and nobody will ever know that there is unpainted mud above my door!!

I hope you enjoyed the little tour of my Stamping room. I like my new space and I have already created lots of scrapbook pages in here... I'll get to posting those soon. Also, the projects from last night's open house will be posted soon, too. But it would be post overload to do it all today!!! (for you, and for me!!!)

Thanks for stopping by.
Happy Stamping!!


Donna said...

amazing! I knew you had to have a lot of stuff, but wow, that is basically a store you have at your disposal :)

sonja said...

wow! pat on the back for Sarah! How nice it must be for you to know that everything has a place now :) Looks awesome... i need an 'extra' bedroom in my house!!

deWoldeDaily said...

Good job Sarah!! Your room looks very well organized!! Not an easy job with all that stuff but it looks great! I'm sure you'll love it!

Andrea Hildebrandt said...

woo hoo Sarah...great job! It's always inspiring to work in an organized, clean room...for the first day:)

Lisa said...

Looks like a great space to create your amazing projects...

Leanne said...

I'm amazed at all you were able to fit into that little room. It looks great!

Louise said...

Looks great! Can't wait to get my room organized & set up! I have two wall units, a closet, a table & a desk so lotsa great storage :)

Anonymous said...

Looking good!