Saturday, July 25, 2009

Extreme Makeover... Home Edition - (Part One)

Well, maybe we didn't makeover the whole home, but what we did, just the 2 of us, was pretty extreme... While the kids were at Grammie and Papa's last week, Steve and I switched the kids' rooms around and painted out the new rooms in fun colours, and got everything all put back together just in time for the kids to come home.

Here's Elise's new room... (formerly the Boys' bedroom)

Tinker Bell hangs from the ceiling just inside the door. This was the last gift my Morfar gave her before he died... we saw him on Christmas Day 2007, and that is the last time we saw him. He died in January 2008. This was Elise's Christmas gift from him. I remember he told my mom that maybe he should have gotten her something that was more for a baby, because she was too young for it at the time. But if he only knew that it was the inspiration for her new room... he picked the perfect gift!

I picked up this picture for a great deal a few months ago, and it has just been waiting for Elise's new room!

Grandma (Steve's mom) even got in on the theme when she got Elise these Tinker Bell pajamas for her birthday last week!

We chose Barely Banana and Certainly Celery for the walls.

These cute curtains are from Auntie Louise (my sister)... They are a perfect match for the wall colours.

The curtains will be properly mounted above the window, but for now they are just hanging on a tension rod (shower curtain rod!! That's how most of my curtains are hung!)

There is nothing on the walls yet, but I have some ideas.... Elise still loves her Little People, and she loves it that there is a bigger space to play on the floor in her new room.

Stay tuned for the boys' room makeover tomorrow!!


Nancy said...

Do you have a Cricut? Shannon used hers to create Pooh and Friends for around the baby's room... you could use the Tinkerbell cartridge for Elises' room!

not sure if the link will work (it's on her facebook page)

Sarah said...

That's a fun idea, Nancy! But I think I want to keep it more neutral in the theme than specifically Tink... I know that I have Tink in there, and the colours, etc, but I have a different idea for a mural on Elise's wall which is not a specific fairy, but a picture that Tink would fit into quite well! Then, my second idea was to use the fairy tale home decor from Stampin' UP!.... we'll see how ambitious I get!!

Sarah said...

ps- the link didn't work....

Lawrence said...

Hi Sarah! Elise is so adorable. You must have been so proud. Love the wall paint, though. By the way, what color is that exactly? My wife and I are planning to do a little room remodeling. Minnesota is our new home now and our son is having a hard time adapting. I just thought that if we surprise him with a new room, he might change his attitude and be a little less grumpy. I've talked with several remodelers, MN based about our plan. My son loves pirates. And I was searching for room ideas and that’s why I came across your blog. Thanks for the fantastic post Sarah.