Sunday, July 26, 2009

Extreme Makeover... Home Edition - (Part Two)

Here are some pics of the boys' new room... formerly my stamping room. Check out this post to see how it used to look in this room. What a switch!

We chose Old Olive and Brocade Blue (the closest samples to these in the paint store... they are called something else at Home Depot).

Behind the door is a shoe holder... this one is Todd's and he has already made it the home for stray toys and some mismatched socks!

Todd showing you Scott's bed.

Todd on his own bed! He claimed the green side of the room! These beds were their bunk beds in their last room, but they requested that they get their own beds when we moved them, so we took the bunks apart and made the bottom double bunk back into a single bed.

The "blue side of the room" is Scott's domain...

The boys were super ecstatic that they got the big walk in closet, and they have already planned out forts to build in there! Here is Scott's shoe/misc. collector... it hangs on the closet door.

Once again, there is nothing on their walls.... yet... but Steve has a vision for the the Canucks logo to be painted on there, so I will get to that as soon as I have a minute! I have to ask the boys if they would like that first. And, once again, there are some pretty cool SU! home decor options right now with extreme sports pictures. They come in navy, so that would be a perfect option for their room.

Thanks for stopping by! I'll try to get some pics posted of what we did in the basement recently, too. That will be the "part three" installment!!!

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stampinkerry said...

Looks GREAT Sarah! Its amazing what paint can do to change a room. I love the colours you chose...very bright and fun!
Doesn't it feel so good to get that big project done!