Monday, July 27, 2009

Bag Ladies

Well, the "Ladies Who Lunch" have struck again... but this time it is as the Bag Ladies!! Tonight I went to Rhonda's mom's quilting studio for a night of sewing. I came armed with some fabric, a sewing machine and enough pins to make a wedding dress. But, the projects were simple enough that I was able to complete TWO bags. It was so much fun, and don't worry Steve - I don't plan on starting yet another full-time hobby! But it did feel good to dust off my sewing machine!!!

The brown bag is from this pattern HERE. It was super simple, and I think I will make a bunch more of those as I find fabric. I cheated a bit and used wide grosgrain ribbon for my handles, but there is a simple handle pattern, too.

The little yellow bag basically used this pattern HERE, but I kind of just used that idea, rather than actually following a pattern... I just did what Cindy told me to do on that one! I am going to give it to Elise in the morning for her to use as a little purse... I think she'll like it!

Cindy cutting (she taught me how to use a rotary cutter tonight and she was so happy that I didn't cut off my fingers!!!) And Rhonda sewing...

Deana had her sweet baby girl along (I forgot to get a picture of her...) and even with feeding, rocking, diapering, and all that, she still managed to complete her bag. I loved her fabric.

Jill sewing up a storm!

And here are all the bags that got completed (and almost completed... Rhonda's, on the left side, just needs some handles!)


Quilt Nut said...

and it was soooooo much fun!

Andrea Hildebrandt said...

they turned out great Sarah...and you ladies all look so lovely and 'summery'!

Sarah said...

Andrea, when I first read your comment I read it as, "shimmery!" And yes, we felt shimmery because we were so sweaty... couldn't imagine what that room would have been like without the AC on!!!

koralee said...

Is there anything you can't do my so lovely and FUN!!! Hope you are staying cool in this crazy heat and you are having lots of summer fun...i just realized i need to add myself to your list of followers... i so need to follow you..easier to comment on your to do that! Happy Summer!

alexa said...

I'm so jealous! what super cute bags, though i'm sure if i looked at the pattern i could do it too!