Friday, July 24, 2009

Camping Fun!

We just got back from a few days of camping with friends... here are some pics for your viewing pleasure!

Steve was in his glory on a Quad. He also took the kids out for little turns, but here he is just about to go out for a longer ride with Andy.

Those backroads are d-u-s-t-y!!! I am sure that Steve will wash this all off the minute he is done working today!

"I'm the king of the castle!!" We certainly felt on top of the world at this old forest fire lookout. It was quite the drive up, up, up! But once we were there it was well worth the drive! (even had to do some 4X4ing in our truck to get there - our tires survived... but Andy and Alexa's truck wasn't so lucky - Alexa got a flat driving over the rocky roads :(

This picture doesn't come close to doing this view justice. It was beautiful!

Nap time!

Another camper had a dog named Max that our kids absolutely fell in love with. He left the day before us and we didn't stop hearing, "I miss Max!"

The kids slept in the back of the truck... worked fairly well, but we had to really convince them the first night. After that, they thought it was fun to sleep in there!

Steve and I were in the tent behind the truck... I don't really love tenting, and this trip kind of confirmed that for me. But since we don't camp tons each year, a big trailer setup wouldn't make sense...

The kids said playing in and at the lake was their highlight. I went for a couple swims, too, and the cold water felt so good after being hot and clammy. I still hold to the opinion that lake swimming is more fun than pool swimming! Yes, even with the geese, frogs and leeches, I would rather swim in a lake than in a pool!!!

Photo by Elise... third attempt - the first one was of the ground, the second one was of our feet, and finally, one of our faces!! (nice tan lines, eh?!!!)

The campfire ban only starts today, so we were able to have a couple great campfires. The stories and laughter that happens around a campfire (after the kids are asleep) really forms the memories of a camping trip!

My little Elise was the mosquitoes "flavour of the week." You can't tell in this picture, but she looks like she has a bad case of the chicken pox... but it is just that she was so tasty to those nasty mosquitoes! But like a true trooper, she hasn't complained at all!

After hearing that we had gone camping, one of my friends said they didn't like camping where you have to walk down a dusty path to the shower... to which I replied, "there was a lake, and an outhouse - no showers... but LOTS of dust!" But hey, the kids had fun, and that is what counts, right?!


Leanne said...

Great Pictures! I'm glad you got to have a fire... camping isn't the same without one.

Quilt Nut said...

looks like you had a blast. love the picture of Elsie and the bucket lol

Andrea Hildebrandt said...

Great pictures...camping memories are the best!

Louise said...

Looks like fun :) I'm about to upload some camping pictures now too... looks like you got some sun on you!

Sarah said...

yep... I got some sun on me! I was a pretty sick white before, eh? most of me doesn't see the sun very often :)

Lisa said...

I know how much Alexa looks forward to this camping trip each year...I am sure it made it even more memorable to have you, Steve and the kids join them...looks like a great few days...

alexa said...

As I scrolled down, I had many comments for Andy... (and you ☺)
~ so smart... of the 7 years we've been there not once have i taken a picture of the sign - i will DEFINITELY remember that next year.
~ dirty truck... only YOU would think of that LOL
~ LOVE that pic of E at the lake LOL
~ so the camp fire stories were okay this year ☺ a little tame compared to last year!
~ you forgot to tell your friend about the shower by your tent - the one in the tarp!

Looking forward to next year and hopefully Lisa and clan will make it out...