Sunday, July 19, 2009

Birthday Girl

My little girl is three years old.... where did all those days go? Well, the last seven days went by with my kids away at Grammie and Papa's! More on that in a future post... but right now, it's all about the birthday girl!

The party was officially called, "A Fairy Princess Tea Party" but ended up focusing more on the fairy princesses than the tea party...

Here's our day in pictures. There were 5 little girls over to celebrate the day with Elise, and she had specified "no boys allowed" so even daddy and her brothers had to vacate the house...

We started out the party by making some fairy princess necessities... a crown, a wand and a purse. Each girl got to choose an Avon lip balm to put inside her purse (I had 3 flavours to choose from), and they each got some pretty jewelery to eat (candy necklaces!).

Craft time ended and the girls were happy to play outside for awhile... they all got bubble wands and had fun with bubbles, as well as playing on the trampoline and in the sand box. They didn't even blink an eye at jumping into the dirt in their pretty dresses - hey, why not, right?!

And it's a good thing Elise has her wings on because they came in handy when she was on the swing!

Break time....

Tink was mixed into the theme, too!

Elise got Royally spoiled!

Cake time... a castle fit for the Princess!

And for those nobles that prefer less icing, I made some cupcakes!

After the party guests had left, Elise thought she needed another piece of cake. And, being her birthday and all, I said sure! But after a few bites, she leaned back and said, "Too much cake!" She was done. All the kids climbed into bed at about 6:00 and were out for the count until morning!

Thanks to everyone that shared Elise's special day with her, and thanks to YOU for taking a peek at my blog! Happy Birthday, my little Princess!


amymom24 said...

Happy Birthday, Elise!

That cake is FABULOUS - did you make it??

My twins turned 3 last week too, and I have to say we enjoyed this birthday the most so far. It is far more fun to throw a party and give gifts to kids who "get it."

Patti said...

That is a great cake Sarah and perfect for a littl princess! Happy Birthday Elise! She looks so cute in that last picture.

Jen said...

Great job, Sarah! Love the theme and all you did with it!
The cake and cupcakes are gorgeous!