Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Princess and her pony!

*** Before I get to the pony story, here's an addition to the camping post: 17 is a big number... especially when it is the number of mosquito bites on a little girl's face... poor kid! She hasn't even complained about them, though... what a trooper!

And now... onto the fairy tale!!!

Elise has finally warmed up to the idea of wearing her princess dress... just a few days late for her princess party, but it was still pretty cute. She really wanted to open the dress up shoes and jewelry from one of the gifts she got, and when she put it on I was then able to convince her to put on the dress. Todd jumped right in and said, "now you just need a crown and a pony!" He plopped her crown on her head and then got down on all fours to offer his services to her majesty!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Even her pony matches the
princess...She was too tired
on her birthday to reason with
to wear that dress...g