Sunday, March 08, 2009

Kid-Free week...

We are blessed to have parents (both mine and Steve's) that will take our kids from time to time... sometimes for an afternoon, sometimes overnight or for a couple nights, and every once in awhile for a whole WEEK!!! We appreciate you guys!!

This week, our kids are with my parents, and we are at home. I am hoping to weed out clothes and toys that don't get used anymore... to do some scrapbooking while Steve works in the daytime... get some projects finished around the house and to go on lots of dates... (already been on a couple... it's Roll-up-the-rim time right now... and I love my English Toffee!)

On Friday, we headed over to the Island, and I thought I would share a few pics of our whirlwind trip over. Todd, Elise and I went over in the morning and Steve and Scott caught a later ferry, then Steve and I turned right around and came back home - after some ice-cream cake, of course!!!

Waiting, waiting... "Is that our boat, mom?"

This is what it looks like when you walk on with kids and their bulky car seats.... (notice Todd's sweater... see anything wrong with it?! Yes, he dressed himself!)

I love it that they were "playing" video games and I didn't have to pay a thing! Elise even said she "won" her game!!! We had to move a couple times when real paying customers wanted to play the games... I had to explain that my kids were just pretending! Then we found some brochures and went to sit with a nice looking couple that we found out were even from the same city as us!

Elise's hair was CRAZY! And the static electricity in the video arcade only added to our dilemma - she's not even moving here, it just stuck straight out like that. Eventually, she let me put it up, and it was a bit more controlled, but I think it's time for another trim.

We found a little window to watch the ocean from.

I set them up above the life jacket cupboards and they even had a little rest while we sailed.

We went to the funeral for Baby Grace (see earlier post) and we got there quite early (which is good because the church was PACKED) and Todd played with Papa while we waited. Then by the time the funeral started, both kids were fast asleep... I was counting on this when I decided to bring them along, because the funeral was taking place right at their nap time.

Todd in Papa's glasses. They are so much alike... I think I know what Todd will be like in 55 years, just by looking at my dad!

Then, after picking up Steve and Scott, we had a little party for Scott... this week he turns 6 - and he gets to celebrate it with Grammie and Papa, but we wanted to have a cake for him before we headed back to the ferry.

DQ Ice-cream cakes... our fave! I know there's a lot of pink on here, but mom only had pink candles, and they had "Pink-shirt Day" at school last week for the Anti-Bullying campaign, so I didn't think it really mattered that we were celebrating with so much pink! Look at all the other colours on there, too... it's very cheerful for a little kid's cake!

I think he ended up with a couple "girlfriends" even though it looks like he is blowing really hard!

Our way home... we were on another old ferry...

... which was VERY empty!

We went for a walk on the empty car deck, and laughed at the pet area! Don't know if Steve really should be sitting on that chair... talk about unsanitary... but it made a funny pic, anyway!

So, that's how we ended up getting a kid-free week.... and we are enjoying every minute of it! Thanks, mom and dad!


Quilt Nut said...

love Elisa's hair lol!

enjoy your kid free week

Andrea Hildebrandt said...

Ooohhhh I'm so jealous! Not about the pet area thing...just the week of no kids....imagine the things I could get done:) Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

The kids enjoyed seeing their
pictures...they are having a
nap now.g