Sunday, March 22, 2009

A beautiful gift!

On Friday, my friend Sarah came over for her stamping order and to share her latest projects with me. She surprised me with this beautiful gift... A nailcare set. I did my nails right after she left and I love the results! It looks like I have clear polish on, but I have nothing on my nails at all, they are just buffed with the 3-step buffing block! I love it...and I can't stop running my fingers over my smooth nails. I can never keep polish on my fingernails because I just pick it off. I have seen little booths selling this stuff in Malls, but I always pass by thinking it won't work - well, my friends, it does!!! I love my nails! Thank you so much, Sarah, I LOVE my gift!

This is the card Sarah made for me, too. Isn't that so cute? She does such a beautiful job on the colouring.

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