Monday, June 14, 2010

Wedding Bells ♫

On Saturday, we had the honour of attending my cousin Maren's wedding in Victoria. She married a great guy named Chad. When we met Chad for the first time a month ago, my kids fell in love with him instantly - that's a good sign!!! They are just the perfect couple, and the wedding was really fun. All 3 of my kids were in the Kids' Parade during the ceremony. The boys got to wear the cutest little bow ties and vests, and I got Elise a white dress (from Avon! Thanks Andrea :) with a pink bow to match the wedding colours). I helped out with the music... played piano for the prelude and processional, and sang a song in the processional, too. Chad's sister and cousin also sang a song during the ceremony that his sister wrote, and it was so beautiful.

Here are a few pictures from the day... which was gorgeous and sunny, just like the bride :)

Just married... and so very happy!!!

The cake in the centre was made by a friend of my aunt. It was so pretty. The 2 cakes on the sides are called Kransekake. This is the traditional Norwegian wedding cake, and one of my favourite desserts! These cakes were made by my Auntie Marit (Bride's mom) and decorated by Vegar, a cousin from Norway who came over for the wedding.

Congratulations, Maren and Chad! May God bless you as you start your life together :) xoxo

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Louise said...

great pictures! very sad i couldn't be there but will hopefully see them both for a visit next month when they're settled back in @ home!