Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Science World through my lens

Here are a few pics that I took at Science World, yesterday. It was such a fun day, and the workshop on roller coasters that the kids got to participate in was also very well done. The instructor, Andy, was funny and related well to the kids. The kids loved him!

Here's Scott on a giant hamster wheel... it was a lot of work to power this thing, but he got the metre up to "clock radio" power!

Boys love water and building dams.

In the Pirates/Treasure exhibit, they were promoting geo-caching. One of these days we'll get a GPS and take our kids geocaching... it sounds like so much fun!

Pirate canon shooting game... another thing boys love!

Scott practicing his piano recital song on the larger-than-life keyboard!

This is the Science World favourite. They should make a whole wall of these things! This is something the boys (I was in charge of Scott and his friend) kept going back to throughout the day.

Homeward bound... some kids fell asleep on the bus ride back!


Mel said...

We LOVED Science World - went there 2 times with the kids grandparents. It's such a fun-filled day - so much for them to see and do. Even little kids have a blast there.

Kalyber said...

my son and I went geocaching with the cub scouts and it was a blast. Apparently there are places you can borrow/rent a gps for geocaching, google it.
Happy hunting

koralee said...

Thank you for visiting me!!! I love your fun school trip photos...great memories. Its that time of the year again! Happy Summer to you all! {now bring on the sun!} xoxox