Friday, June 18, 2010

Sports Day

You know the end of the year is fast approaching when there are field trips (last week, both boys had a field trip) no more library books brought home (they still have library time but aren't allowed to sign any new books out) and Sports Day! There are only 7 days of school left. And for Todd, one of those is being spent on a field trip.

Today it was Sports Day. I always loved having my mom around the school when I was in Elementary School, so I thought the boys would like having mom and dad there for their Sports Day, too. With both of us at the school, it meant Elise got to come along. She was thrilled!

This was Todd's favourite moment... playing hockey!

This relay is called the Caterpillar, and it is so funny to watch. So glad for a sunny day, because in the rain this would make for one messy activity!!

Elise hamming it up for the camera!

THIS was Elise's highlight of the day... when "Hawkey" from the Abbotsford Heat got down and hugged her. It was so fun that the Heat mascot and another representative came to our Sports Day.

This was my favourite "Kodak moment" of the day - Scott and his friend in a bunny hop relay, and I happened to catch them both in the air at the same time!

Here, Scott is trying to unwrap a candy while wearing oven mitts! Not as easy as it sounds :)

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Doreen said...

Enjoyed seeing the kids' Sports day activities. I always loved and looked forward to that day!!