Monday, June 07, 2010

Abstract Photos

I had the wonderful privilege of being a volunteer mom for the grade one field trip to Science World today. On the way there, Scott had my camera for a few miles, and he really made good use of it. Just to humour him, I thought I would share some of his budding photography skills.

Tomorrow, I will share some of the pictures that I took of the day :)

The highway:

The side of a truck:

The front of a truck:

A driver illegally talking on his cell phone in a truck: (I blurred out his face, because he look rather less than impressed that his picture had been taken... get off the PHONE!)

Hmm... do you see a pattern? It's a truck!

Oh, this one's a sign:

He had a bit of a fascination for cell phone towers on the way in... took several pics of them:

Yep... you got it - a truck!

His shoe... must not have been any trucks out the window just then!

The other goal he had (kind of like a photo scavenger hunt) was to take a picture of a fire hydrant. He was quite pleased with this particular shot!

This one is probably the most clear out of any he took all day, so I had to include it! (plus there is a truck in the picture!! )

The front of the UPS truck. He took this one for me :)

He would have taken several hundred more if I had let him. He loves taking pictures... I'm thankful for digital :)

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Quilt Nut said...

those are so much fun! love the shoe shot