Thursday, June 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today is a special day... both my dad and Steve's dad are celebrating their birthdays. When Steve and I were dating, and we discovered that our dads had the same birthday - we knew that was something special!!

I have always been close to my dad. I found this poem yesterday when I was browsing the internet for card ideas. One lady had used this poem inside their Father's Day card for her dad. I read it and thought it was perfect for me and my dad!

Dads and Daughters

Author: Reginald Holmes
Whole volumes have been written
of fathers and their sons.
Why must daughters and their dads
be such forgotten ones?

There are special ties that bind
a daughter to her dad.
And a certain kind of feeling
that sons have never had.

She goes to dad for counsel
when things get out of hand.
She knows he has the answers,
that he will understand.

From him she gets her courage;
she thrives upon his praise
and sometimes takes advantage
of his kind, loving ways.

With due respect to Mother,
today I'm proud and glad
to write a little poem about
a daughter and her Dad!

Me and my dad on my wedding day...

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Doreen said...

That is a beautiful poem, especially together with the wedding photo.
Dad thinks is airplane card is pretty special.