Monday, June 28, 2010

Happy Days

We just got back last night from our church Family Camp... the theme was "Happy Days." Our speaker was Dave Currie - what a great communicator! He did 3 sessions on the topics: Joy in Life, Joy in Love and Joy in the Lord.

Dave and Donalyn on 50s Night!

The kids got to have fun with the Bertness Family. Here is Wayne Bertness and "Grandpa!"

On Saturday night, we did a 50s Diner for supper, and lots of people dressed up. Then we had a Variety Show that lasted almost 2 hours. What a hoot! Loved it all... so many different acts got up to do something - from singing and gymnastics, to magic and hula-hooping! What a talented bunch :)

Here we are as a 50s Family...

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Jennifer said...

Oh...I love Dave Currie! I haven't heard him speak in a long time but he is certainly a fantastic speaker.
Your family looks great in the 50's "get-up".
I really enjoy your blog - I check in on an almost daily basis to see your amazing talent. Thanks for posting your creations online for us.