Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Ironing Board Makeover

I've had my ironing board for awhile now... For at least 12 years... I can't remember if it was a purchase of my own or if I got it as a hand-me-down when I moved out back in '99.

I have since learned that I should not use tap water in my iron. Look what a mess it made (over time) on my old cover:

From now on, I will only use filtered water in my iron.

I did a Google search a few days ago and found this super simple tutorial on how to cover your ironing board without replacing the cord. That sounded like something I could handle!! After going through my stacks of fabric, I concluded that for a large iron, you will need more than one metre. I had to cut it on the diagonal, and add an inch on each end to make it long enough. (but that part gets hidden, anyway).

I came across this black and white sewing themed fabric that I bought a few months ago. Right away I knew it was perfect for this project!!!

Happy sewing... and ironing :)


Cindy said...

That's perfect fabric for the job!

alexa said...

Love it!!

Andrea Hildebrandt said...

great job Sarah! You've inspired me:) I too only use filtered water in my iron now. We are on well water and the mineral build up kills the irons. Now that I have a new one I'm planning on keeping it forever:)

deWoldeDaily said...

What a great idea!! Mine also looks like . . . . ! I don't think I would have thought to recover it but I might have to give that a try!! I don't have any fun material like yours though!

Rhonda said...

love the fabric you used! think it's time for me to do mine; your's looks so much nicer than the ugly store bought covers

Rachel H. said...

Love the funky fabric!