Sunday, March 13, 2011

Birthday Celebrations!

Last week, my mom turned 60. Today, I had a surprise tea party for her with about 20 of her friends. Here's the invitation I sent out... (most people got these, but some were invited via email due to lack of address, time constraints, etc.)

Inside the card were directions, time, etc. And then I put this:

Because you have brought her
so much joy through the years
with your friendship,
we invite you to help us surprise
this special lady on her birthday…

Your presence is your gift

And we request no other.


Lisa V said...

Oh, Sarah. That is really sweet! I hope your Mom was surprised and that you both had an amazing time.

Christy Gillespie said...

What a lovely thing to do the cards are beautiful! I bet your Mom had a wonderful day.

Rhonda said...

beautiful card Sarah. hope she had a wonderful party.

Anonymous said...

I see how far behind I am reading your blog. I did have a most wonderful time. I have never been so totally surprised like that before. To think of all the clues I must have missed. I just never expected a party. Sarah, you did a great job and you had a great helper with Steve too. Even the kids helped. Dave was very creative in keeping me away for one hour(but that is a story in itself). I really enjoyed seeing my special friends together. We enjoyed warm fellowship, lots of laughter and good food. Thankyou again...that was a special gift.
Love you