Thursday, March 10, 2011

Blessed by Friends

As I posted a couple days ago, I hosted a stitching party here on Monday. I wanted to share the hostess gifts that I got.

Rhonda gave me these beautiful tulips - and they have opened up even more since I took this picture. Wrapped around the tulips, and then tied with a bow, were these fun pieces of fabric shown in the second picture! Thanks, Rhonda!!

And for several months now, I have admired these adorable strawberries that you will see as decoration on Kim's Etsy page. I've commented on them to her, and now I have a pair of my own!!! I love them - thanks, Kim!!


Andrea said...

and then there was forgot to post my hostess gift..oh that's right, I didn't bring one:( Next time..I promise!

Sarah said...

Oh, don't be silly, Andrea! Your presence was your gift :) I didn't need anything else!!!

Rhonda said...

you're welcome Sarah. thanx again for hosting.