Saturday, March 26, 2011

Grammie and Papa

We are just finishing up 2 weeks of Spring Break... the boys had no school, and Elise isn't in school yet, so we carried on a 5 year tradition, and took the kids over to Grammie and Papa's (my parents) for a week. During that week, Steve and I came home and got a few things done around here. We painted our bedroom, as well as 2 bathrooms. We also went on a few dates and just enjoyed a really quiet house! We spent 3 nights over there when we dropped the kids off, plus 2 more nights when we went to pick them up, so the kids were over there for over a week and a half!

The kids had fun - they always do at G & P's! Here are a few fun pics I took....


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Andrea Hildebrandt said...

Sounds like everyone had a great time! So glad you both got a nice break:)