Saturday, January 29, 2011

Rainy Day Fun

Today it is pouring rain... what better time than this to have a family craft day?! Steve and the kids drew on blocks of wood and then painted them to look like cars. In March, the boys will be in a wooden car race with cars they make at Pioneer Clubs. So, for fun today, they were working on designs for that.

I was getting things ready for my club on Monday night (there's still room if you want to join!! Just a $25 product purchase per month, and the class is free!). I'll post those cards on Monday. The kids and Steve were at the island, and I had my stuff spread out on the kitchen table. Amazingly, it was all cleaned up before we had lunch. The cars are drying and my projects are complete!

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Rhonda said...

those car races are always so much fun. looks like the perfect way to spend a rainy Saturday.