Saturday, January 22, 2011

More Birthday Pages...

Here is another layout I did last night. I made the pagemap after I did the page. I like putting a lot of photos on a page, as I stated in the last scrapbooking post, and this page layout allows for 11 photos... enough pictures to nicely tell almost any story. I only matted one photo, and I think that is enough - every photo does not have to get the same treatment. This page doesn't really have a title, but you could easily add one in somewhere. I guess "E" is the title, and then on the second page, I've put a chipboard number 4, and that helps tell the story that it is Elise's 4th birthday.

The "e"s all over the place are some pre-made stickers that I found along the way and I had in my sticker drawer. I like the layers on them. Sometimes stickers can add a special touch, and I have quite a collection... my husband might call it a fetish. I have a whole drawer full :)

Here's a little tip... since I only scrapbook on one side of my paper (some people scrapbook on both sides to save paper, but I don't always scrapbook in order that the photos were taken, so I sometimes have to rearrange pages in a scrapbook) the backs of my pages are blank... unless... I do this - extra journaling that I remember from the day, or extra photos (that don't fit on the layout, and won't make sense alone somewhere in another book) or in this case, a Strawberry Shortcake birthday card that Grandma gave to Elise. Since it so perfectly fit the theme, I wanted it to stay with the page. I didn't have room for it on the front of the layout, so I attached it to the back. Down the road, it will be discovered and read again, and it is tucked in safely behind the page until that time!

I don't usually do my journaling all by individually stamped letters, but I was watching a movie, (Sabrina) and I was all done the rest of the layout, with the journaling being the last thing... there were still 20 minutes left in the movie - enough time to fiddle around with letters, but not enough time to start another project. So, instead of using computer font, or handwriting, this layout got very crooked stamped write-up! (but since it's for a 4-year old's page, I kind of like the messy look!)

Photo idea - take a close up of something on the cake and have it beside the full photo. I don't have a "girly girl" but she likes Strawberry Shortcake... I think it's the hat and the green striped tights. They don't look "princessy" - and E is really not into princesses right now!

The different coloured stripes on the bottom half of the page below are just strips of cardstock. A good way to use up scraps, and still get the feel of designer paper, but this way you can make it custom colours to match your photos. I mimicked the stripes on the pinata. I included the photos of Elise with the pinata even though they were taken a few days before the party - she played with that thing like it was a pet... I wonder what was going through her head when she then had to smash it to bits. Kind of like when we had pet sheep growing up, and the next thing we knew they were in the freezer! haha! Maybe not quite the same thing!

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