Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Digi pages by me

And here are the pages that I came up with last night. (check out Scott's pages in my last post!!) I also did 2 double layouts in traditional scrapbooking, but I will post those tomorrow after I take some pics in the daylight. I forgot to take pics of them today.

I have been trying to get my pictures to post side by side, but with no luck. A couple friends suggested I just merge the 2 photos into 1 in an editing program, so I will mess around with that on another day. If you know how to get 2 individual photos to post side by side in blogger, I would love to know your secret!!!


alexa said...

Did you really "catch" a puck!?

i FB'd you about the picture thing... i can explain better if you'd like

Rhonda said...

fabulous layouts! love the snowflakes on the snow day one