Wednesday, January 19, 2011

MDS to the rescue!!

Ok, I think I found a way to do this. I was trying to get 2 photos to post side by side, with no luck.... so, I did it a different way. I am feeling so clever because it only too about 3 seconds to do this. I made a space for 2 photos on a single digital page in MDS, then added my completed layouts as photos on that page. I saved it to a file and cropped it in Picasa, and voila - it is now on my blog.

Thanks to the ladies that suggested editing 2 photos together - I am sure this isn't how you meant me to do it, but photoshop is too fancy for me! You probably think I did it the hard way, but it worked!

Just click on the photo to see the double layout enlarged.


Louise said...

Great pages! I'm just about to head out & get my kids from school in -45 plus windchill! The bus wasn't running but school marches on! Supposed to warrm up to -2 or something by the weekend! I'm sure we'll all be out in our shorts :)

Sarah said...

Wow! You are dedicated... I would have turned on the fireplace, made some tea and told my kids it was too cold for school! That's insane! -2 sounds pretty balmy after a -45!