Thursday, August 11, 2011

New Purse

Before I left for Norway, I wanted to make a new purse to take along. It needed to be big enough to fit my camera, wallet, some paperwork (tickets/passport, etc) and a book, as well as a light sweater. It also couldn't be too big, because otherwise I might not be allowed that plus a carry on bag!!

The pattern that I (loosely) used can be seen HERE. I say "loosely" because who am I kidding? I don't think I've ever followed a pattern from start to finish... I guess I get sidetracked, or make a mistake and just try to fix it without having to seam rip... Or I don't cut my fabric quite right, so it ends up being a modification. Another reason I often don't follow patterns is that there are sometimes just too many words to read. I like following the pictures!! But, I have to say I quite like how my bag turned out, and perhaps I should just say I got the idea from this site. My dimensions are totally different, but if you want to make a bag like this, I recommend you follow this gal's pattern because she put a lot of work into the tutorial, and isn't it nice that she shared her pattern, free, online for everyone to enjoy!? Thanks for sharing :)

I got my new goodies from Stampin' Up! just in time before I left, and was able to sew my purse. The SU! fabric, called Timeless Portrait, was almost enough to make the whole purse, but because of the direction of the design in one pattern, I had to add a couple strips of a black I had on hand. So, the following pics are the SU! fabric.

Here's the finished purse....

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