Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Happy Anniversary!

It was the Summer of '69.......

More than just Bryan Adams can sing about that great summer, and the history made in the summer of '69. My mom and dad tied the knot August 16th of that year, and it was a strong knot that can't be broken.

Happy 42nd anniversary, Mom and Dad!

Later this year, Steve and I will celebrate our 10th anniversary, and when I asked him what we should do to celebrate, he jokingly said, "well, you're going to Norway with your mom!" I think that is more fittingly what my dad should say to my mom, because here we are, on the other side of the world, and he is at home without her on their anniversary - probably eating chicken noodle soup. Hope you're having a great day, dad. We'll see you soon!!

I know that some of these photos have appeared in my posts before, but I still love these snapshots of my parents together.

This is where it all began... the lighthouse at the end of the breakwater in Victoria - my dad proposed and she was speechless. So half an hour later, he asked again! hahah! I guess she thought she'd answered him. So she made sure she said "yes" out loud that time!!

August 16, 1969. So cute! They've hardly changed a bit!

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Happy Anniversary!