Saturday, August 20, 2011

My Great-Aunt is a scrapbooker...

While we were in Norway, I was delighted to discover that my great-aunt (my Morfar's sister) is a scrapbooker. She proudly showed the books that she has put together, some with photos and journaling, and some with saved goodies like newspaper clippings and other special memories. It was so fun to go through these and see her creativity, and the things that have meant enough to her to save over the years, and share with others.

Then, we went for a walk, and I took this picture of my great-aunt, my mom and my aunt... and, do you know my first thought? "I can't wait to scrapbook this photo!"

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Mel said...

Sarah, I'm really enjoying your pictures! What an amazing trip it must have been - seeing all of those ladies in your pictures...what a heritage! I'm sure you learned a lot from them. I'll admit, I don't know much about Norway. But I'm looking forward to learning about it via your blog!!