Thursday, December 30, 2010

Quilt as you go...

This is a cool runner idea. Rhonda introduced this pattern on her blog a few months ago, from THIS post on another quilter's blog. I have done a couple of these, but I like this one the best out of the ones I've done. You'll notice that mine looks absolutely nothing like the one in the post I've linked to, but I'm just giving reference to what I did to make this! It's only about the size of a regular place mat, but I only made one, so I intend for it to be a table centre square. They are super easy to make, but I found it helpful to double check how straight I was with each piece of fabric, and not wait until the end. I am not the best at keeping things squared up, so my handy dandy sewing grid was put to good use for this project.

Once again, the fabric is from last year's stash from Fabricland :)

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