Saturday, December 18, 2010

Ladies Who Lunch got together for Brunch!!

We just had our 2nd annual Ladies Who Lunch Brunch this past Wednesday. It was a great time together, with much laughter, beautiful friends, and... because it's Christmas - amazing gift exchange prezzies!!!

I seriously think I scored the biggest this year! Rhonda SPOILED me absolutely rotten with this gorgeous quilt. To say "I LOVE it" is an understatement - it is so beautiful! Thank you, Rhonda, I have displayed it on my wall with pride! (photo borrowed from Rhonda's blog)

The other gifts were truly beautiful, too. Cindy made Rhonda some gorgeous fingerless gloves, and gave her a host of other goodies. Andrea gave Cindy a gorgeous Christmas quilt that she made with intricate little squares and embroidered Christmas words around the outside. Jill created a "Traditions" album for Andrea to put her Christmas traditions in each year and display. And I already posted about the place mats I made for Jill. She loved them!! I have to make a correction in what I called the 5th thing, though. Since it is not long an narrow, it should just be called a "table mat" instead of a runner. Oops. I'm still learning all the lingo!

Andrea was our host this year, and her home was decorated so perfectly. Christmas trees everywhere, and so many beautifully hand crafted items. This lady has some serious talent!!

This is the kind of fireplace that makes it onto the front of a Christmas card!!

And I love this idea... a bowl of ornaments as decoration. So cute.

The food this year... WOW! Amazing. Desserts, bread (and more bread!) and the dips, and appies.... yum yum yummy.

What do you get when you put 5 bloggers in the same room for a Christmas function? A WHOLE LOT OF PHOTOS!!! There were hundreds snapped this day, I am sure. You can click on the highlighted names above to go read the other gals' accounts of the day on their blogs.

These are wonderful ladies, and have become very dear friends over the past couple years. I appreciate each and every one of you! So blessed to call you friends.


Rhonda said...

We have such great friends don't we? Our brunches have gotten to be so much fun! I love the picture you took off the furry tree and Andrea's window is awesome.

So glad you love your quilt; now I have to finish mine lol.

Cindy said...

It was so fun! I can't wait for Easter Brunch! lol