Friday, December 17, 2010

Canucks Game

This Fall, my boys brought home booklets of raffle tickets to sell. I don't like sending my kids door to door for fundraising things, so we ask Grandparents, and a few friends, but mainly, it's me that buys the tickets. I think of it as a donation to the school, and this year the teachers will all get some new digital teaching aids with the monies earned.

Well....... this year I WON!!!! I won 2 tickets to a Canucks game, as well as the parking pass. (which was a $30 pass!)
The tickets were for the 2nd row, and they were amazing seats. I've never been to a Canucks game, or even a game with our local junior teams, for that matter. It was pretty fun!

The Canucks played Columbus, and the Canucks won 3 -2 in OT. Here are a few pics of the evening.

After first period, the Timbits team came out and played. "Fin" was the referee and it was a very cute game!


Jill said...

Looks like you had a great night!! So glad they won!! And was there any "kiss cam" action?

Sarah said...

Not that I noticed, Jill... there were some people doing some pretty crazy dance moves in order to get on the camera, but not us :)