Sunday, April 11, 2010

Weekend Walks...

We had a fun Family filled weekend.

I'll start my recap on Friday... Before Todd had to get ready for school on Friday, we went out for a run. It was supposed to be a good gauge for how well we would do on the 5km Run For Water because it was 5.5 km and I knew we wouldn't run the whole thing. Well, we got about halfway through, and Todd just about sat down and gave up. I said, "what's going on? Don't give up on me!!" He said his feet hurt, and then I looked and he had last year's shoes on. No kidding his feet hurt, they were way too small! Don't know how he got out the door with those on, but we made it another kilometre, and then I had to carry him for about the last km. But we made it home!

After school, we packed up the kids and headed out to Walmart for new shoes for all the kids. Todd will have happy feet on our next run! It was Subway for dinner, then home to put some tired kiddos to bed!

Saturday... such a gorgeous day - I said we weren't going to sit around the house, let's hit some trails. So we went to Aldergrove Lake park for a couple hours and then the kids picked Red Robins for dinner. I had the apple chicken salad, and let me tell ya, that is a keeper! I will have that one again for sure!

Here are some Saturday pics...

Today, we went to church in the morning, then Steve made pizza for lunch. After lunch we hit the trails again... this time we started at Hogan Family park where we have been for family photos before. See this post from 2008.

Then we headed over to Douglas Taylor Park for another hour or so of walking and exploring. Todd got pretty scratched up when he and Scott went running through some tall grass and he challenged some blackberry prickles. But he'll bounce back. No major blood... just a bunch of scratches!

Todd's mission of the day was to see how many sticks he could debark!

Such gorgeous weather this weekend... I'm so glad we got a chance to get out and enjoy it!


Louise said...

great pictures! looks like a gorgeous day :)

Katie and Scott said...

Great family time! Very jealous of the t-shirt weather too. Snow/sleet this past weekend for us in Calgary...but they say Spring is just around the corner. For now, we'll just enjoy your photos and story : )

deWoldeDaily said...

You always take such great pictures of you kids! So loving the nice weather too!

Sarah said...

Thanks Hilda! I don't think I'll be able to force Scott to kiss Elise on the cheek much longer.... that pose took several attempts because he was sticking his tongue out and pretending to lick her. She was so grossed out!

Scott and Katie - I hope Spring comes to Calgary for you soon! We have some pretty wet weather today, if that's any consolation!