Friday, April 23, 2010

Arrrr... Shiver Me Timbers!

Last night, Todd's school put on a play called "Pirates!" It was awesome. I say "Todd's School" because even though Scott goes to the same school, his grade was not involved. The school does a play every year, but the participates alternate between grades k, 4 & 5 one year for a Spring Musical, then grades 1,2,3 the following year for a Christmas musical. Next year, the boys will both be in the musical together.

The stage curtain was the Jolly Roger before the show started.

The kindergarten kids were the Queen's parrots, and they were very darling! I helped make the parrot hats. The eyes are even made with my SU! circle punches!! All 120 of them :)

I love all the colour on the stage!

The kindergarten kids stole the show... no question! Here they are doing the bird dance. It made for a LOT of colour flashing around on the stage. The Queen in the play had quite an air about her and she said, "Start the music, it relaxes me... dance parrots, dance!" Then they got up and did this. It was totally adorable! Of course, it helped that one of the little parrots on stage was my own little boy :) He did so well... I think he quite enjoyed his time on the stage - perhaps there's a little of me in him!!

Todd is in the green :)

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That was great and good job
with the outfits.g