Tuesday, April 06, 2010

2 New Pages

Last night, I stayed up far too late working on a couple scrapbook pages. It's not that they were so hard that they took a long time, it's just that I started them around 11pm :) While I scrapped, I watched "Sister Act." Love that movie. Might have to do a couple more pages tonight so I can watch "Sister Act 2" - both of them are great, and the music in there is what I would love to hear in church all the time!

The first pages I did were for Todd's book. I've had these black and white pictures kicking around (ok, they were filed, but they are already a few years old!) for almost 3 years. They were taken back in July 2007 when Todd was only 3 years old. After I finished these pages, I pulled up some videos of him at that age and my heart just melted - he has always been such a tenderheart!

I used the Accents and Elements: Flower Fusion, as well as the Pretties Kit on this page.

Then I came across this scrappin' kit in my stash, and thought it would be great to use on Elise's swimming lesson pictures from last Summer. The kit is called "Sunny Day." See full kit HERE.

The little birdie's eye is made with a Circle Ice Rhinestone.


Crystal Fonk said...

Love your new pages, you always make beautiful creations!

alexa said...

love it!! Wish i had time... these late nights are better for fun than studying!

Anonymous said...

Very nice g

deWoldeDaily said...

I love both pages. Every once in a while I'll do a black page with a colour accent and I love how they turn out. I'll have to bookmark yours and try them next! i just finished the older two kids' book up to Christmas so now I can start on Jocelyn's!