Monday, May 18, 2009

Vancouver Children's Festival

For the long weekend, (Victoria Day) our friends Tricia and Justin came over with their little guy, Hunter. We went into Vancouver for the Children's Festival. We were quite impressed with all the work that went into this Festival. And we plan to go again next year.

Here are a few pics... I took over 150 pictures, so I won't show them all... just the highlights!

Us in Space:

The face painters were amazing... my kids all asked for Pirate ships. Elise got two! Scott got one and a spider in a web, and Todd chose a pirate for his other cheek.

This was such a cute idea for the preschoolers... a little fence that they could "paint" with water. Hunter and Elise had so much fun doing this (as you can see, the kids also enjoyed giving the floor a coat of paint!)

The giant sandbox... we started and ended our day in this.

Inside the Preschool Pavillion... loads of toys and fun for the little ones. Elise and Hunter spent quite awhile in there, while the older boys were outside doing sports.

Relay races that the boys loved.

Todd playing a game inside one of the tents.

Elise's highlight was when she got to share the stage with Children's performer Chris Hamilton. She loved it! He kind of chuckled when she was holding the guitar. He said, "Are you sure you want to hold it like that?" She said, "Yep, dis is how I pway da guitar!"

E kind of surprised me with how she wanted to meet all the mascots. She gave this big Port of Vancouver seagull a huge hug!

And this banana caught her eye from across the grounds and she had to go give him a high five too! He was handing out packets of spf 50 sunscreen, which came in very handy before the day was through.

The boys had fun playing with this hockey man. He was great with kids and let them run through his legs... I was a bit worried that they would knock him right off his feet, but Steve told me to relax!

Elise enjoyed her sky-high view on top of Daddy's shoulders... made it easier to talk to the "tall girl!"

Then the kids made kites, out of just paper... and they WORK!!! I will show kite flying pics in another post. We spent Sunday afternoon flying them at a park near our house.


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the pictures :)
What a fun day. g

Jen said...

You got nice weather!!! :) We've been twice ('05 and '08) and didn't have nice weather both times! Fun times there though!

Sarah said...

Yes, we had perfect weather... almost thought it was going to rain in the morning, but it was nice that it wasn't blazing hot, either. And then around 3 the sun came out and we started feeling the heat! We were there for about 6 hours.

Louise said...

Looks like fun! We went to one in Cochrane, AB a couple years ago! Much smaller scale but same idea & lotsa fun!