Thursday, May 07, 2009


On Tuesday, I went with a friend out to Chilliwack to meet up with a bunch of gals to celebrate our friend Cindy's birthday! And she was surprised! Good job, Rhonda on pulling off the surprise! LOVED that little restaurant and everything about it... atmosphere, great friends, great food (I even tried to duplicate the sandwiches today when I had my friend Alexa over for her birthday!) The dessert was amazing, too.

So, here are a few pics... the place was called Apeldoorn's and it was just quaint!

I loved that a bunch of the tables in there were made from old sewing machine tables!

Mine were good, but this one was amazing, and I think the secret may have been the swiss cheeze!

All the girls, and a token male... baby Andrew!
l-r... Madelyn, Jill, Cindy, Rhonda, Andrea, me!

Some fun with Picasa.... all the different tea cups were so pretty!

The birthday girl!

And since the day before Cindy's birthday is MY birthday.... Andrea surprised ME with a beautiful rose plant, too! Thanks so much Andrea!


Anonymous said...

I love this place... I used to go there every Tuesday while Laura did ballet down the road and that lemon square is the BEST!!!!

Kim R

Louise said...

Fun! An outing with girlfriends is always the best! Looks like a quaint place & your teacup picture suits the 'style' :)